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Diamond knives for all ultramicrotomy applications. We accept all brands and types of diamond knives for exchange or resharpening.  See our complete catalog including dimensions and prices. Unconditional guarantee: Do not pay until you test.



Diamond and sapphire indenters in standard and custom configurations.  Berkovich, Cube Corner, Vickers and Conical Indenter are available, as well as others.   Also see:

Nano Indenter Specifications
Nano Indenter Holders
Spherical and Rounded Cone Indenters 
Nano Indenter Photographs
Nano Indenter Angular Measurements


Single crystal diamond probes mounted on especially fabricated sapphire cantilevers or on standard silicon cantilevers. These tips offer the durability of diamond with a defined tip geometry and many possible custom parameters.    Also see:

AFM Sapphire Cantilever Specifications
AFM Sapphire Cantilever Spring Constant
'Journal of Physics' Paper 


Bending diamond?  Single crystal diamond filaments developed by Micro Star with newly discovered technology. The filaments have the expected but remarkable and never seen before property of being flexible.



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