Exchange Any Brand


All types of diamond knives from any manufacturer (including Micro Star), any age or size, are accepted in exchange for a new Micro Star, at the resharpening price. The new knife will be the same size as the exchange. If you want to exchange for a different size we will be glad to give you a quotation.

Do not authorize payment or send your old knife until you have received and tested your new knife and are totally satisfied with its performance. We request that you do this test within two months after receiving your knife.


Resharpening Service


Your Micro Star diamond knife is suitable for an unlimited number of resharpenings. Our high precision equipment permits us to resharpen diamond knives by removing only a few micrometers from the diamond edge restoring it to its flawless original condition.  This process can be repeated many times without affecting the diamond angle or edge length. Micro Star guarantees that your resharpened knife will be restored to its original new condition with the same original angle and length, or a new diamond will be set at no extra cost.


Resharpening Service For All Brands


Regardless of the knife's manufacturer, age or size, any diamond knife is accepted for resharpening. It will be refurbished to the same Micro Star guaranteed flawless quality and the same angle and size of your original knife. If these standards can not be met, a new diamond will be set at no extra cost.

Resharpened knives will be reset in their original boat and box or, if you request it, they will be mounted in a new Micro Star boat of your choice, and new wood case.


Free Services


We offer, among other services, free diamond knife cleaning, evaluation and engraving. You may send us any old diamond knife for a free evaluation. We will clean, test, and measure it. If in need of resharpening, we will give you an exact quotation.  We also evaluate specimens if you are not sure of their compatibility with diamond knives. Some materials are too hard or abrasive and will quickly damage the diamond. Our free evaluation and report will let you know if your specimen is suitable to be sectioned with a diamond knife.

For any diamond knife, new or resharpened, you may request that your name and/or your institutionís name be laser engraved on the boat at no extra cost.