Complete listing of the types for different applications, boat styles and dimensions.

Exchange and resharpening available for all brand and types of diamond knives.

Complete diamond knife users manual.



Diamond Knife Guarantee

Micro Star guarantees your new or resharpened diamond knife for one year. This includes a period of two months to verify its quality  before payment. All our knives are guaranteed to perform flawlessly according to the knife specifications and to be suitable for an  unlimited number of resharpenings. Resharpened knives are guaranteed to meet the same as new parameters of flawless quality, exact  original length and angle.

The box, boat, mounting and welding are guaranteed for life to the original purchaser. If any of these parts ever becomes deteriorated we will repair it free of charge. All guarantees are limited to the replacement value of the product. There are no other expressed or implied guarantees and any loss or consequential damage is excluded.