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                                      TX 77340, USA


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Brief History

Micro Star Technologies (MST) was founded by Bernard Mesa in 1982, after 8 years of independent research, to produce ultramicrotomy diamond knives.  Presently, MST supplies diamond knives to laboratories in 57 countries, where Micro Star is regarded as a standard of high quality and service.

In the mid 90's MST developed a compact and affordable Cryo Ultramicrotome. Besides TEM sample sectioning, this instrument has proven especially adaptable for AFM sample preparation where molecular scale smoothness is required.

In the late 90's, following requests from some of our customers and several Companies, MST developed numerous diamond and sapphire tools for the emerging fields of MEMS and Nano Technology. These include nano indenters, AFM diamond tips and diamond tools for nano machining.  The common characteristic of these tools is their extreme sharpness and accuracy at the nano meter scale.

In 2002, MST discovered a new technology to produce single crystal diamond filaments. The filaments have the expected but remarkable and never seen before property of being flexible. MST is beginning to explore the scientific and nano technology applications.


MST has developed and designed unique equipment for manufacturing and assembling nano scale diamond tools. MST extensive microscopy laboratory includes state of the art optical, TEM, SEM and AFM  instruments.

The unique characteristics of diamond and sapphire demand individual attention to each one of the products MST makes. MST is especially well suited to custom designs and applications.  Requests for special items are always welcome.